The Wolfs Arm
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3DS Max Viewport

The Wolfs Arm

The Wolfs Arm from Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, a FromSoftware game.

Vaati held an art contest to design new prosthetic attachments for Sekiro's arm. My design was a poison vial attachment that allowed the player to coat their blade in poison to deal damage over time to their enemies.

See the contest information here

For the Model itself, I did everything in 3DS Max and then added damage in ZBrush. The bone was also created in Zbrush.
This was my first attempt at Vray as well, and due to time, I stuck to merging what I knew with what I was trying to learn with the goal of getting some decent renders with high res textures. I ended up doing quick unwrapping of HP models and used procedural materials in painter with projections and then used a script to load them into Vray materials.

I'm excited to dive into Vray rendering more though, so this is the start of that.

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