Vicious War Mechanostrider Fan Art
Franklin rell squareboi2
Franklin rell squareboi
Franklin rell split

Front and Back

Franklin rell screenshot013
Franklin rell screenshot014
Franklin rell screenshot015
Franklin rell screenshot008
Franklin rell screenshot016


Franklin rell untitled 17

High Poly Keyshot Renders

Franklin rell untitled 18
Franklin rell ao combined

Ambient Occlusion

Franklin rell mechanostrider albedo


Franklin rell mechanostrider gloss


Franklin rell mechanostrider normal


Franklin rell mechanostrider specular



Vicious War Mechanostrider Fan Art

One of my favorite mounts in World of Warcraft is the Vicious War Mechanostrider so I wanted to recreate it in a more realistic view. I didn't want to completely redesign it so I just changed the parts that weren't visually connected correctly such as the legs. Other smaller parts like the trigger buttons and ignition switch's were added to add to the realism. I Also gave it a darker paint job because I didn't like how it looked when I tried to match the colors up from the original concept.

All modeling was done inside 3DS Max and all baking was done inside Marmoset Toolbag, aside from the AO map. I baked AO in both max and toolbag and combined them in Photoshop. Material renders were done in Toolbag and my high poly was rendered in Keyshot.

The original design and information on it can be found here

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