Halo Ring Fan Art
Franklin rell halo 01
Franklin rell halo 02
Franklin rell halo 03
Franklin rell halo 4
Franklin rell trim 3d

Trim sheet from 3ds Max

Franklin rell trim material
Halo Ring Fan Art

This was a passion project based on the art and designs from Halo. Took about a weeks worth of work, mostly due to going back and improving areas that I felt needed it, but it was awesome to do some Sci-fi work and I'm definitely looking forward to do some more in the future.

The ring was created with a single tiled material created from a high poly bake in 3DS Max and then textured in Substance Designer. The ring's planet surface was made with a combination of sculpting, baking, Photoshop and Substance Designer.

The sun and planet were both done using Substance Designer and Unreal's material editor.

And lastly the skybox was made with Spacescape, I tried making my own just using Substance Designer like I have done in the past, but nothing looked as good as Spacescapes did.

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